Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Abbey Fishing
Kent and Lily fishing!

First Day of School

Gracie and Mrs. Gillespie.
Lily on her first day of Kindergarten
Abbey and Mrs. Watson
The girls started their first day of school in August. Abbey is in 4th grade, Gracie is in 2nd grade and Lily started Kindergarten this year. Here's to a great year!

American Girl Doll Store GA

Lily with her new American Girl Doll -- Rebecca
Abbey with her new American Girl Doll -- Kaya
Gracie with her new American Girl Doll - Julie
We went to GA to visit Kent's twin brother and his family. The girls were especially excited to make the trip because there is an American Girl Doll Store there. They saved their Summer School Money and had enough to buy a doll each. We had a fun trip visiting family and Aunt Lori, Colby, Jake and Kayla were nice enough to take us to the store and out for dinner. We all had a great trip!
Beau, Gracie, Lucy, Abbey and Lily
Lily brushing the cow
Abbey brushing the cow
Gracie milking the cow
We went to the Shatto Dairy with Nicole and her kids. We went on the tour and watched the cows being milked and learned how they make all the different flavors of milk. We even got to sample some of the different flavors. We all had a fun day!

Annual Trip to the River

Gracie and Lily getting ready to head to the river.

Lily turns 5

Lily wanted a bike for her birthday that wasn't a hand me down from her sisters!
Abbey, Lily and Gracie sitting in front of the 3 different colored flowers we have in front of our house. We try to get their pictures here every year to see how much they grow every year.