Sunday, May 31, 2009

The First Spin Around Nana and Dave's Pond of the Season!

Lily had fun just wearing her goggles around. She wasn't interested in getting in.
Gracie, Brandon and Collin were the only ones brave enough to get in the pond to swim.
Swimming along beside the boat.
Gracie and her Barbie lifejacket.
Abbey had her noodle and her lifejacket and she STILL didn't jump in. She REALLY wanted to and tried several times but never quite took the plunge! We had a fun time taking a spin around the pond on the paddle boat and we had a bonfire after the kids all got some dry clothes on. We had hotdogs and S'mores. Nana brought down coffee for the adults and the kids had fun putting on a talent show for us. It was a really nice evening!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gracie's new Elizabeth Doll
Abbey's new Kit doll.
Lily's new Samantha and Nellie dolls.

The girls have been wanting new American Girl dolls. So, their Dad explained to them about believing God for them. They were offered a job that earned them EXACTLY the amount of money they would need to pay for their dolls. Isn't God good!?! They worked one full day and one morning to earn their money. Abbey wanted Kit after seeing the movie and Gracie just thought the Elizabeth doll was cute. Lily wanted the Samantha doll after seeing the movie but they only offered her in the smaller size so she got two. Just thought I would share their new doll pictures and how good God is to our family!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Do you think she likes having her picture taken??

Lily sticking out her red tongue after drinking her red Gatorade.
Lily posing!
Lily posing with the beach ball.
Again ...
And again ...

Memorial Weekend Baseball Game

Abbey's turn to bat
Gracie gets hit!
Gracie's turn.
Gracie needing a batting lesson.

We had a softball game this weekend. Uncle Clint played 3rd, I played 1st base, Kent pitched and Dave played center-field. The girls whipped us! Lily is even hitting the ball without a tee now. We told Abbey that she is really going to surprise her coach at her game on Wednesday. We had a good time playing softball this weekend!

Annual Rock Hunt

Oreo even got in on the action!
Filling the Wheel-barrow with their favorite rocks.
Gracie found a pretty one!
Abbey found a cool one that she thought looked like the face of a cow!??!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gracie's First T-Ball Game

Gracie stretching before the big game starts

Gracie playing 3rd base and talking to Michaela.

Gracie ready for the ball!

Playing 3rd base!

Gracie had her first t-ball game Wednesday night. She had fun and did a great job! She even knew which direction to run when she hit the ball. (A major accomplishment for most t-ball players). Kent took Abbey to her game in Bethany so he wasn't able to be there to help her coach. So, I had to help get the kids lined up to bat; get their helmets on; and do the score book. Therefore, the pictures aren't very good and there are non of her batting. We played the "Albany White" team and it was a tie! Imagine that!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lily's Wee Care End-of-the-Year Performance!

Beau, Gracie and Lily after the show. Beau and Mimi and Nana came to see the performance!
Lily singing a song with her tongue sticking out. It actually was part of the song! The "Doggy Ears" do nothing for her hair!
Lily holding the letter "G" for their "Who let the letters out?" song.
Lily taking her performance so seriously
She is maybe lightening up a little bit towards the end of the show!

Getting Ready for her big performance

Here is Lily before leaving for the end-of-the-year performance that her school put on. She was so excited to sing and perform!!

Twins Day at the Elementary School

Abbey and Gracie had "Twins Day" at school. They were to dress like their best friend from school. They amazingly picked each other to dress alike. So sweet! So, I decided to document the moment to prove that it does actually happen. Here they are dressed alike for "Twins Day". Lily is looking kinda grumpy in the picture of all three of them. I should have gotten her a shirt like theirs. I wasn't thinking!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michaela in the Play

Gracie's friend Michaela was a Ladybug in the play. They all did a great job!

Gracie's Friend Reagan in the Play!

Gracie's Friend, Reagan, changed from a cocoon into a butterfly for her part in the play!

Gracie In the Chorus of her Play

Gracie Singing in the Chorus
Gracie singing with the Army Ants
Here is Gracie singing in the chorus of her play, "BUGS". Kent videotaped it. I will have him post the video later. I'm not that technical!


Gracie had her Kindergarten play tonight at the elementary school. She was one of four fireflies. They all dressed in black leotards with skirts and wings. They all carried flashlights since they were fireflies! She did a great job and knew every word to every song! The performance was so cute!
Here is Gracie with some of the fireflies and an Army Ant
More Fireflies
Firefly Gracie!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance

Abbey had her first father-daughter dance tonight. The dance was for girls and their dads. Here they are posing for me before the dance. They had a great time. Can't believe she's old enough for this stuff.

Softball Game

Abbey had her first softball game on Wednesday. It was strange because we are going from t-ball to softball this year and she is on an all girls team. She did a great job though. She had a couple hits and she was a great outfielder.