Sunday, February 28, 2010

Night Sledding

Abbey and Brandon at the bottom of the hill
Abbey getting ready to go down
NIGHT SLEDDING-- It was a beautiful warm Missouri Evening.

I have always really enjoyed night sledding. So, I took the kids last night while Brandon was here. We trekked up the hill to Grandma's house to go down her hill. The kids really had a good time sledding, making snow angels and taking Oreo for a walk. After we had gone down Grandma's hill a few times, we headed out to Nana's house where the kids played in the snow in her front yard and ate icicles. They had snow races and enjoyed being together UNTIL ... the dogs perked up at something across the highway. Of course, they were convinced it was a coyote, so we loaded up in the van and headed home; where Kent made them hot coco and I made them something to eat. The kids stayed up late watching movies before going to bed! It was a fun night.

Action Shots

Gracie showing me her giant snowball
Lily going down without the sled.
Snow Angel.
Brandon sliding off the sled.
Brandon going down on his back!

New American Girl Dolls -- Lily

Lily and Emily

New American Girl Dolls --- Gracie

Gracie and Josefina
Gracie and all of her American Girl dolls

New American Girl Dolls -- Abbey

Abbey and her doll of the year -- Laney
Abbey and all of her American Girl Dolls ( and Rainbow Brite)

Just like her dad ...

We got another big snow... Kent wasn't home from work when we got home from school and Abbey noticed that the walk and driveway hadn't been cleared yet. It wouldn't have done any good due to the amount of snow we were still getting anyway. So, she took it upon herself to scoop the snow before he got home. She is a little like her dad, I think.


Abbey, Lucy, Delaney, Lily and Hannah
We had a baby shower at our house for Nick and Sarah on Valentine's Sunday. So, some of the girls' cousins made it for the occasion. The girls had a great time playing upstairs in their rooms with their cousins while the ladies had a good time at the shower downstairs. We all had a great time. Nick and Sarah got some nice gifts for baby Viola and it was nice to spend time with family.

Our Little Valentines

Gracie, Lily and Abbey
We had a baby shower for Uncle Nick and Aunt Sarah at our house on Valentine's day. So, I had to snap a quick picture of our valentine's before everyone arrived.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Abbey turns 9

Abbey will be 9 in a couple of days. She decided to have an American Girl Doll party this year and have her cousin Sarah stay the night for a slumber party so they could play dolls all night long. And did they ever! They were up until midnight doing their hair and dressing and undressing them for bed. Abbey had such a great time. So fun! Happy Birthday, Abbey! We love you!

Birthday photos

Green cupcakes
Gracie, Sarah, Abbey and Nate
Poor Nate had to get dressed up by the girls for the tea party. He was such a good sport. They had a great time playing!

"Green" tea party

Waiting for the tea party to begin
Lily, Gracie Abbey and Sara having their slushies
Abbey wanted to have an American Girl doll birthday party and have a tea party with a "green"theme. We served fruit and berry dip; cucumber sandwiches; slushies and flowering tea for the tea party. This was all after Abbey's favorite dinner -- Chicken Velvet Soup!
Getting ready to open her gifts from everyone!

I think she likes it!!

New clothes from Mimi
Her new green iPod!!!
Her new harmonica from Uncle Clint and Christy
New clothes from Nana
More new clothes from Nana