Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Photo

Abbey's 3rd grade class is creating a time capsule for each of them to open when they are Sr.'s in high school. So weird to think about that! Anyway, she needs to include a family photo in her time capsule. We took one after church today and here it is! Now all we need is a picture of her pets, her house, our cars and her 3rd grade report card. We are also to write a letter to her to open that day and each of her grandparents as well. Should be cute! Here's to Abbey not growing up too fast!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dave, Lily, Gracie and Shell-y
Dave, Shell-y,Lily and Gracie

Dave found a turtle and brought it over for the girls tonight. They were surprised at how fast the little thing got around. Lily had fun carrying it around all evening and checking to see if had eaten the fish food we have been feeding it or not. Gracie found the perfect rock for it to climb on and Abbey googled what we should feed it. After they got everything figured out, they decided to appropriately name him/her Shell-y. Now we need to determine who gets to take their new pet to school first! Should be interesting!

Thanks Uncle Mike

Lily and her new doll from Uncle Mike. (Yes, I cut her bangs myself).
Gracie and her new Native American Doll
Abbey and her new Native American Doll.

Uncle Mike sent the girls these new Native American dolls that he bought in Idaho and mailed them to the girls. He also sent new agate necklaces for them. They are holding them in the photos. The girls have been having fun playing with their dolls since their arrival yesterday. Thanks Uncle Mike!

4 Generations

Dave, Grandma Smith, Nick and Baby Viola
Nick, Sarah and Baby Viola came up for the weekend last weekend and Mom snapped this four generation photo. Viola is such a good baby and the girls really enjoyed seeing her. Gracie was the "baby hog " this time. (last time it was Abbey who was the "baby hog." It was a great weekend spent with family.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter with the Porters

Gracie, Dad, Lily, Taylor and Abbey

Gracie, Dad, Lily and Abbey
This is the only picture I took of the girls on Sunday. I guess I only took pictures of Lily during the egg hunt as well. Don't know what I was thinking! We had breakfast at church, then lunch at Grandma Twila's with dad and family. It was a wonderful, beautiful day. We had such a good time. It was great to see everyone!

Happy Easter

Lily, Gracie and Abbey
The Easter bunny came late Saturday night to our house due to Kent always being gone on Easter morning to cook breakfast at church. So, the girls each got an apron and an apron for their American Girl dolls. They were a big hit! (Thanks Aunt Sarah)! They got some other "crafty" stuff, which they love too! Now we just need to find time for them to stay home to use it! We had a busy Easter weekend!
Abbey with all of her candy
Gracie after the "hunt"
Lily wearing Lucy's bunny ears!

Easter at Mimi's House

The whole gang
Gracie found one from last year.
Abbey found one!
Lily filled two buckets!

Almost Finished!

Kent FINALLY got mom's kitchen island in. He had an Easter deadline. We had dinner Friday night at her house complete with a Golden Egg hunt. Uncle Clint found it! The girls suspect he cheated! Now all Kent has left to do is put her baseboard trim around the bottom of her cabinets and around her island. He also needs to add the other leg to her island. Then, the final trim pieces to the top and of her cabinets. It's been a long process, but almost complete.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lily was the Artist of the Month

Lily showing off her Fish Picture
Lily showing the residents her work of art
Lily standing by her picture that hung on the wall for the month of March.

Lily was chosen the artist of the month by her art teacher and principal for the month of March. The rest home has just started a program where they select a student from each grade at the elementary and hang their art on the walls for the residents to enjoy. Then, they have the students come out for a reception to show off their artwork. Lily's fish was very cute and her picture was even in the local newspaper this week!