Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dinner at Our House!

Uncle Mike, Uncle Nick, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Clint and Christy,Me and Kent, Lily, Gracie, Nana and Dave and Abbey.
Uncle Mike, Uncle Clint, Gracie, Abbey and Uncle Nick
Lily, Gracie, Uncle Mike and Abbey
Abbey, Gracie, Nana, Lily and Aunt Sarah listening to Uncle Nick's Big Tale!!
Uncle Nick telling a big story

Mike came in on Thursday and Nana's kitchen is still torn up due to her cabinets not being finished yet. So, we had dinner at our house tonight for everyone to get to spend time with Mike. Clint and Christy came with Uncle Nick and Aunt Sarah. We had a great time visiting with everyone and eating lots of good food. It was so good to get to spend time with Mike.

The Big One !!!

Abbey blowing a HUGE bubble!

Lil' Helpers

View from the inside of the girls washing the windows
View from the outside of the girls washing the windows.

The City's Chamber is hosting a Christmas home tour for Christmas this year and they asked us to be one of the homes on the tour. So, Kent and I have been busy getting the house ready for the upcoming tour. Mom came over to help me last Saturday. She had the girls helping out as well. It's amazing to me how much better she is at letting the girls "help" than I am. She had the girls cleaning the glass and dishes in my hutch and then had the girls washing my window. We decided it was too good of a picture to pass up. Here are all three of the girls standing in the window getting it sparkly clean for the home show.

Lil' Cheerleaders

I have taken on the responsibility of Middle School Cheerleading sponsor this year. I have supervised the football and am now finishing up the Basketball games. So, the girls have been to too many after school cheerleading practices to count. Needless to say, they now know every MS cheer there is to know. (Kent has decided that I need another duty next year due to the amount of cheers he now knows)!!!! Here are the girls performing their latest cheer for us!

Tree Climbing Fall '09

Climbing the Tree -- Abbey

Climbing the Tree-- Gracie

Climbing the Tree -- Lily

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall '09

Lily playing in the leaves.
Gracie playing in the leaves.
Lily, Gracie, Oreo and Abbey playing in their leaf pile.
Lily, Gracie and Abbey
Raking up the big pile of leaves.

We had an unusually warm weekend. So, the girls decided to make a large pile of leaves and play while the weather was nice. The girls and Oreo had a great time playing in the leaves while it was warm out. What a great day to be outside!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Award Winners

Abbey and Gracie both received the "1st Quarter Good Character" Award at the elementary school "Character Assembly" on Friday. One child from each class is chosen to receive the award. We are really proud of both of them and just give God all the thanks for the wonderful girls we have. On learning of the news Lily replied "I didn't get anything." (The school doesn't give out the awards to the pre-school kids) although if they did I am sure she would have received one as well.