Friday, July 31, 2009

Lily's New Ride

Lily riding her "fast" bike.
Lily riding her "new" bike.
Lily riding her "new" bike.

Today was a big day for the Wilson Girls. We went shopping for school supplies this afternoon. That was an adventure... shopping for 3 girls -- each of them trying to get EVERYTHING on their lists at the same time. Then, we came home to shuck corn for our big dinner. We made bar-b-que ribs for Uncle Nick, Nana and Dave. Then, we decided to head to Grandma Smith's tennis court to ride our bikes. Gracie took off riding her "new" bike without training wheels and Lily did ride her "new" bike but resorted to riding her "fast" bike before the evening was over.

Look! No Training Wheels!

Gracie riding her "new" bike without any training wheels
Just about to get it!
Dad helping Gracie get started.
The "new"ride.

Gracie got Abbey's old bike today and decided to ride without any training wheels. She took right to it and did a great job.
The new ride
Abbey wanted me to take a picture of her taking one last spin on her old bike.
Dad getting Abbey's new bike out of the truck for her.

Abbey's old bike was getting WAY too small for her. So, Kent picked up a bigger bike for her after work this evening. Abbey was so excited and Gracie and Lily were equally as excited since they will be getting different bikes as well due to "hand-me-downs".

Shucking Corn

Abbey shucking corn
Gracie shucking corn

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing Outside

Gracie catching fireflies
Lily letting me know that hers got away
Lily sitting on top of the "Waterslide"
The "Waterslide"

Kent and I decided to begin the HUGE task of cleaning out our garage. We have stored stuff in there for 2 years while we have worked on remodeling our house. We have 2 rooms left in our house and things should be complete here! Yay! FINALLY! The only problem is that we don't have any room in our garage to put the things from the last 2 rooms while we work on them. So, we began cleaning the garage out last night. Kent has been building shelves and I have been trying to help him while keeping the girls busy. Abbey needed a break from her sisters so she spent the evening with her Nana and Gracie and Lily made a "Waterslide" . They had fun! Then, we had a picnic with our pizza. Lily had to go inside and change into her picnic dress and shoes when she heard the word "picnic". Didn't get a picture. They caught fireflies before turning in for the night. Maybe we'll get more done on the garage tonight!!!

Banana Bread and Zucchini Bread

Abbey and Gracie showing off the finished product!
Mixing it all together!

We made banana bread and zucchini bread this afternoon. The girls took a loaf over to our neighbor who just had surgery and is recovering at home. We had a good time baking together!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer School Money

Abbey with her Visa Card! Doesn't she look THRILLED to have her picture taken??
Lily with her birthday money!
Gracie has her Visa card in her purse!
The girls went to summer school this year. The school paid each student $125.00 to attend Summer School without missing any days as an incentive to get kids there. The girls didn't miss one single day for 24 whole days so they each got a Visa Card for $125.00. Abbey and Gracie each bought a Nintendo DS with their money and Lily bought something similar except in a Leap Frog version. They had fun spending their money and have had fun playing with their games since returning home with them.

Abbey's Swimming Lessons

Going down the slide is old news for Abbey. She has moved on to diving off the board. So proud of her. She did a great job at swimming lessons this year!

Gracie's Swimming Lessons!

Gracie going down the slide by herself.
Gracie going off the board!
Gracie practicing her swimming strokes!

Lily taking Swimming Lessons

Lily going off the board. Kate had to HELP her!!
Lily going down the slide. The lifeguard caught her at the end of the slide!!!
Lily learning to swim!

Lily turns four!

Lily and her new American Girl doll for her birthday. Karissa is in her swimsuit.

Nana and Dave came over for Lily's birthday luncheon. Lily requested tacos for her birthday lunch. She had quite a birthday. We went to a local restaurant for her birthday dinner where she got her presents. We spent a night in Omaha for her birthday. That's what she wanted to do. We went to a water park and went to the zoo. We had a nice time. I took my camera but Kent and I had a misunderstanding about the batteries. So, we had to use Abbey's camera. Not sure how to download pictures from her camera. I'll have to wait on Kent to do that!!! Anyway, Lily had a great birthday! Can't believe she will be starting preschool this year! Happy Birthday Lily! We love you!!

Nana's Birthday

Lily and Nana

Nana, Gracie and Abbey. We made lunch for Nana on her birthday. Then, we had cake and slushies. We also made hot tea for her from the tea pot that brews hot tea from a flowering bulb. It was pretty cool and we all had a good time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


All the kids with their GIANT sparklers!
Gracie doing a sparkler!
Abbey and her sparkler.
Lily and her sparkler.
Colby, Beau, Abbey, Gracie and Lily on Mimi's porch swing!

Riding Lesson

Ready to go.
Getting on the horse. The horse's name was Bonnie.
Posing for a picture.
Gracie with her instructor, Mrs. Smith before going out on the trail.

Nana gave Gracie a riding lesson for her birthday gift this year. She got to spend the morning learning about the horses and then rode the trails at Girl Scout Camp to all the different camp sites. Then, they had their lunch out on the trail. She had a great time and learned a lot about horses from Mrs. Smith.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ready to go to Mimi's for the 4th of July!
We went to Mimi's for the 4th of July this year. We had great food and a great fireworks display by Uncle C.F. and Kent. It was nice to spend time with family. The girls had fun playing with Beau and Lucy and Colby, who is here for the holiday week.