Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hair Cut Day

It was hair styling day in the Wilson household. Shawna, Abbey and Gracie all had appointments with the local stylist for some new styles, not to be out done Lily found some scissors and gave herself a new style... Lily now has some bangs...oh it brings back childhood memories of my own haircut episode. I think scissors were invented so kids could embarrass their parents with their own personal stylish cut. Actually Lily's doesn't look bad at all, thankfully!

New Family Member......Oreo Violet Wilson

Yes, I had a moment of weakness last week. The girls have been hounding me for months about a pet, specifically Abbey about a puppy. I resisted until I saw some folks at a convenience store with a sign that said "Free Puppies". I stopped to check it out and is history I came home with a puppy. The girls named her Oreo Violet Wilson, she is part Lab and Border Collie, so the people say. She really is a sweet puppy and the girls have had a blast with her and Abbey is really taking responsibility in regard to caring for the pup. Anyway here is Oreo Violet Wilson

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gracie's 5th & Lily's 3rd Birthday

Nicole talked me into doing this just so Aunt Barbara would know I had kids....haha!
We celebrated Gracie's 5th & Lily's 3rd @ the pool and we had a blast.