Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Bouquet!!

Abbey,Gracie, and Lily went in the yard this morning to pick me some spring flowers for a bouquet. With their dad's help, they managed to create a really beautiful bouquet! They found tulips, dandelions, and lilacs. Here they are posing with their bouquet.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ballet Performance

The girls did a ballet performance for Shawna and I this evening. It was very good and highly entertaining. I would probably have to call in ballet/modern/free style dance but it was really great to watch.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at the Porters

The girls had an Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Twila and Grandpa Allan's house on Sunday after Church. They had fun with all of their cousins. Here is Lily, Abbey, Gracie, Cash, Kamdyn, and Jackson. Cousin Danny and Cousin Kelly played outside with all the kids most of the afternoon hiding and re-hiding the eggs for the kids. They had a great time.

All Dressed up for Resurrection Sunday!

Here are the girls all dressed up in their new dresses. We had a great time trying them on and shopping for them. Nana went with us to help me with the girls. I was going to try it myself but in the end I am glad she went to help me.

The Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi's

Here are the kids hunting for all of the Easter Eggs at Mimi's house. They had a great time playing with all of their cousins and hunting Easter Eggs. They all had a bucket full! We had lots of fun and lots of good food!!

Here are the kids getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt at Mimi's. The kids all had a great time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our First 2 Mile Walk

We went to Conception today and walked in the Abbey Trails Walk. The walk was 2 miles and everyone did great. Nana and I took turns pushing Lily in the stroller and Abbey and Gracie made it fine by themselves. I think we've started a tradition! We made it back in time to get rested for the musical tonight -- "Beauty and the Beast" The girls are so excited. They are upstairs watching it before we go to see the HS perform it tonight!