Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Gracie turned 6 on Thursday and we had her party on Saturday. She decided to have a horse theme party and go to Grandpa Charlie's to ride horses. She had Beau, Lucy, Abbey, Lily, Michaela and Reagan go ride horses and then she had Reagan and Michaela stay all night. They had a great time riding horses at Grandpa Charlie's with Aunt Taylor as his assistant. They did a great job with the kids. Gracie got to choose the horse she wanted to ride from Grandpa Charlie's website a few days prior to the party. So, that was exciting! Thank you Grandpa Charlie and Aunt Taylor! Then, we came home and had cake and gifts! That was fun too! Then, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. The girls had another friend in Kindergarten who was having a pool party that evening so we went swimming until about 9:00. Then, they came home; showered; watched a movie and went to sleep watching "High School Musical I,II, and III." What a night!! Happy 6th Birthday, Gracie! We love you!!!!

Beau's Turn

Beau riding by himself.

The Whole Gang!

Beau, Liy, Abbey, The Birthday girl(Gracie) , Michaela, and Reagan
Beau, Lily, Abbey, Gracie, Michaela, and Reagan
This is everyone except for Little Lucy. They had a great time riding horses at Grandpa Charlie's for Gracie's 6th Birthday party!

Lily's Turn

Abbey's Turn

Grandpa leading Abbey.
Grandpa getting Abbey ready to go.
Abbey taking off by herself.
Reagan getting her first lesson.
Reagan riding by herself.
I think Michaela likes it!
Michaela riding by herself.

The Birthday Girl's Turn!!!

Gracie riding by herself.
Gracie steering by herself.
Grandpa getting Gracie on the horse.

The kids petting the horses. . .

Reagan, Gracie and Lily petting the horse
Michaela petting the horse.
Gracie petting the horse with Reagan and Taylor
Taylor, Reagan, Lily, Michaela, and Gracie
Beau, Taylor, Lily and Reagan

Gracie's Cake and Gifts

Gracie blowing out her candles
The whole gang (except for tired Lucy) waiting patiently for cake!!
Gracie opening her gifts.
Gracie with her pink horseshoe cake!
A close-up of her cake. It was a team effort but Kent and I pulled the cake off!! Gracie wanted a pink and green cake to go along with her horse themed birthday party!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Lily playing outside at Nana's.

Father's Day with Dave and Nana

Eating our Dessert
Kent Grilling!

We went to Nana and Dave's house on Saturday night to celebrate Father's Day with Dave. Kent grilled chicken, steaks and shrimp kabobs. Everything was wonderful. The girls enjoyed their watermelon and their game of "Noodle-Tag." They also gave a cup stacking presentation for all the dad's on Father's Day. It was pretty cute! They presented it for Dave and Kent on Saturday night and for my dad and Grandpa Allan at noon on Sunday and then for Grandpa Bill on Sunday evening. As you can tell, we had a very busy Father's Day weekend!


The girls played a game of "Noodle-Tag" at Nana's. It's funny how they can entertain themselves when they are outside!!!


Gracie eating her watermelon at Nana's
Lily REALLY likes Watermelon!!
Abbey eating Watermelon!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dinner and "Homework"

Abbey helping make dinner.
Kent helping Gracie with her book and Lily helping with dinner.
Kent helping Gracie with her work.
More of the same.
After the water gun fight, the girls went in to get their pjs on and work in their books I got them. I found books for them to work in so they keep their brains working over the summer. They started working in their books while I was making dinner but they soon decided that they would rather help cook than work in their books. Kent and I made Smothered Chicken, Potato Casserole and Steamed Broccoli with the girls' help. It was a nice evening.

Water Gun Fight

Gracie getting ready to get her sisters
Abbey taking a practice shot

Lily getting a refill of ammunition.

We went out to eat after church on Sunday with CF and Nicole and the kids. When we left the restaurant I told the girls that I wanted to go to buy something fun to do. Gracie yelled from the backseat, " Yeah, FUN STUFF ... SUMMER!!!!!!!" So, the girls picked out water guns to stay entertained Sunday afternoon since it was so too cold for the pool.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Abbey's Butterfly

Abbey made this butterfly at Summer School today. I asked her what she wanted me to do with it. She told me just to throw it away. Maybe I am rubbing off on her. Before throwing it away, I at least took a picture of it. The big girls were invited to Susan's house to play American Girl Dolls with Sara tonight. They had fun playing in Susan's tree house with their new dolls and with Sara. So, Lily and I went to the carnival so Lily could ride a few rides. She had fun and is ready for tomorrow night where she can ride as many rides as she wants.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fancy Bowl

We get 1/2 a beef every year and we were almost out of meat since it's been almost a year. Kent went to pick up our meat this afternoon so we now have a freezer full of beef. We don't have anything planned for tonight and the weather isn't very conducive to being outside so I told the girls that I would make them whatever they wanted for dinner. Gracie said that she wanted Ramen Noodles. Lily agreed! I told them that wasn't very fun. Lily told me that I should just put it in a FANCY bowl. Evidently a fancy bowl makes things FUN!!