Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Christmas Snowmen

Here is the finished product! They're pretty creative!

Christmas Snowmen

Abbey and her snowman
Lily and her snowman
Gracie and her snowman
Lily and Kent working on their snowman
Abbey, Gracie, and Lily working on their snowmen.
Christy, Clint's girlfriend, brought stuff for the girls to make snowmen. They decided to make them this morning. Here they are working on them. They had a lot of fun making them with their dad!

Rice Krispie Treats

Dave LOVES Rice Krispie treats. So, the girls and I made him some for his birthday. The girls thought they were so good that we needed to make some for us this morning. Here is Lily helping me. She really enjoys helping me cook. This is her usual spot whenever it's time to makes something. Here she is licking the spoon and getting marshmallow all over her face and in her hair.

The Christmas Blizzard of '09

The snow drifted up to our door.
We had a HUGE Christmas blizzard this year. It started snowing on Christmas Eve day and just stopped this morning. The wind blew really hard and the snow drifted so bad it was hard to keep the driveway, roads and sidewalks clear. We have had to drive Kent's truck to go anywhere the past few days.

Some of their other gifts ...

Abbey and her DS game
Gracie and her DS game
Lily and some of her dress-up costume

Abbey and Gracie have been playing their DS's since they got them after summer school. So, they asked Santa to bring them some DS games. They each got one of the DS games they have been wanting. Lily LOVES to dress-up. She plays dress-up more often than Abbey and Gracie ever did. So, Santa brought her a dress-up outfit complete with wings, skirt, leotard, gloves, shoes and a hair piece. She wore it most of the day! The girls wanted clothes this year. (The first year they have actually WANTED clothes for Christmas). So, Santa brought them some clothes. They each got the Zhu-Zhu pet they have been asking for and, of course, their American Girl dolls. The girls have had a wonderful Christmas so far and we're not even done with all of our dinners. We haven't gotten to visit the Smiths and Connie's family due to the weather. We went to Mom's house where Abbey read the Christmas story from the bible to the family. What a blessing! She is such a good reader and it was a great way to celebrate Christmas before opening gifts!

The Wilson Girl's New American Girl Dolls

Abbey and Ruthie
Gracie and Felicity
Lily and Molly with Molly's glasses case

The girls with their new dolls.


Abbey showing me her new Ruthie doll
Abbey opening her Ruthie doll. Ruthie was at the top of Abbey's Christmas list. Abbey has the Kit doll and wanted the Ruthie doll to go with her. Abbey was so excited about her doll and has been playing with her since Christmas morning!


Gracie and her new American Girl Doll, Felicity
Gracie opening her new doll, Felicity.

Felicity was at the top of Gracie's Christmas list. Felicity goes with the doll Gracie already has, Elizabeth. Felicity has a pretty purple dress. She has had so much fun playing with her new dolls and her sisters.
Lily opening her Molly doll!
Molly was at the top of Lily's Christmas wish list! Here she is opening her doll. She was so excited. Molly wears glasses and has a glasses case. So, her glasses have been taken on and off and put in and out of her glasses case too many times to count.

Family Gifts

Mario Cart
The girls opening the big one!
Wii Music
The girls opened their family gifts first. The got new crayons which they desperately needed. They LOVE to color! They got lots of Will games! Wii Music/Batman Legos and Mario cart. All of these games were on their lists so they were super excited. (I am officially the worst Mario Cart player there ever was!) The girls have been trying to guess what is in each box from the minute I put some of them under the tree so I tricked them and put a Wii game in the HUGE box! They were surprised!

New Puppet Stage

Lily with her new puppet stage and puppets that Santa brought
The new puppet stage

Santa brought the girls a new puppet stage with tons of puppets for Christmas. He was up so late BUILDING the puppet stage that he didn't have time to paint it. So, we are going to, hopefully, get it painted over Christmas break. The girls have been having so much fun with their puppets and stage. Abbey has written several plays and they have worked together to perform them. Anyway, here is their stage and the LOVED it!

Santa's Holiday Hoedown

Abbey's play this year was "Santa's Holiday Hoedown." It was a cute story about Santa and his reindeer going to Branson MO. Abbey was a reindeer and did a great job. It was really cute! They performed with the 4th graders at the high school on the big stage. It was a pretty big deal and the gym was packed.

Baby Viola's Christmas Blanket

Gracie, Lily and Abbey working on Baby Viola's baby blanket.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Lily's preschool class performed "Twas the Night before Christmas" this year as their Christmas play. Lily was to dress like a sugarplum and dance around the children's heads. She did a great job. She even sat on Santa's lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas. I didn't get a picture of that because we had to rush from her play to Abbey's play at the high school later that evening and Kent had the camera and Abbey so we could get her to the HS in time. Lily did a great job and was a wonderful sugarplum. She was so cute that she even made the front page of our local paper.

Merry Christmas

Abbey, Lily and Gracie
I didn't get our Christmas cards out this year. I am usually pretty organized and get them done and out fairly early. This year I was so busy with Cheerleading and work that I just didn't get it done. Anyway, here is what the Christmas card would have looked like if I got it out :) I had shirts made for the girls to wear around Christmas time advertising for their dad's new business. So, I decided to take advantage of our free advertising and have them sport their new shirts on our Christmas card. Merry Christmas!

Lone Star Christmas Performance

Beau, Gracie, Lily, Brandon, Katie, Abbey and Lucy
Abbey and Lucy
Beau, Gracie and Lily
We were able to have our Christmas program at church on the actual intended date this year! No bad weather! Yay! The kids performed the Christmas story. Brandon was Joseph; Abbey was Mary; Gracie and Beau were the wisemen/wisewoman as Gracie likes to point out. Megan was the angel. Gracie was the angel last year and decided that she didn't want to do it anymore. I think it was because she didn't like the giant angel wings she wore last year. The smaller kids were the stable animals. Lily was a lamb; Katie was a cow and Lucy was donkey. The kids did a great job and Annie did a great job getting and keeping them organized. It was really cute!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kent's first job for Truly Custom

The upper cabinets in Mom's Kitchen
The Upper Cabinets in Mom's Kitchen with the big corner cabinet.
A different Angle on the upper cabinets.

Kent has been working on my mom's kitchen as his first job for his new company, Truly Custom. The Home Sales closed in September and Kent started his new business building custom cabinets for people. Once Kent gets past doing work for our family he has people standing in line waiting for custom cabinets. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of his first job.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sledding after the blizzard

This is how Lily began her sledding experience after her hands got cold.
This is how Lily ended her sledding experience after warming up at Grandma Smith's. Grandma had her sit on her heater to warm her up!!! She did BEGIN the day with gloves.
Abbey carrying the sled back up the hill.
Abbey getting ready to go back down the hill. I had to walk Oreo while the girls went down the hill. (Makes picture taking a little difficult).
Gracie heading up the hill.

The girls have been wanting to go sledding since the first snowflake fell earlier this week. I told them it was too cold and then Lily started feeling sick so we hadn't made it out until this afternoon. (It was still too cold)! Anyway, Lily wasn't so sure when she started sinking in snow up to her knees going up and down the hill!!! I took her in the house and Grandma Smith warmed her up and she was ready to get back at it again. Abbey and Gracie had a great time going up and down the hill. Lily eventually enjoyed sledding. It was a little difficult to get any pictures with Oreo pulling me around!!

Christmas Cookies

Gracie and Lily posing while baking Christmas cookies.
We have been out of school for 3 days now due to the blizzard that dumped tons of snow on us. Lily wasn't feeling well so we decided to just bake cookies instead of trying to brave the weather outside again. (Although, I'm not sure I'm getting out of taking them sledding because Lily says she's feeling better this morning). The girls had a good time baking cookies last night and watching Christmas movies. My principal called around 7:00 last night with the news that we weren't having school again today so after a "happy dance", the girls and I decided that we could stay up late and finish our cookies and watch movies as late as we wanted. Kent was glad to turn in early and let me handle the bedtime duties.

Christmas Cookies '09 -- Lily

Lily decorating her Christmas Cookies.
Lily decorating her Christmas tree.

Christmas Cookies '09 -- Gracie

Gracie decorating her Christmas Cookies.
Gracie decorating her Cookies.

Christmas Cookies '09 -- Abbey

Abbey cutting out her cookies.
Abbey showing me her gingerbread man.