Friday, January 29, 2010

Lil' Girls Cheer Camp

Reagan and Lily bein' silly
Reagan and Gracie -- Cute!
Lily and Gracie getting ready to go to the basketball game
Lily and Gracie getting ready to go to the basketball game.

Gracie and Lily decided to do the little girls cheer camp this year. They practiced every day after school with the High School cheerleaders in order to perform 3 cheers, and a dance for the halftime show of the basketball game this evening. They worked really hard in order to learn the cheers and dances. This was the first year Lily was old enough to participate so she was really excited. Abbey still isn't interested in cheering/dancing. She decided that she would rather be involved with the school's yearbook committee after school on Monday. But, she and I had a lot of fun hanging out together the rest of the week while Gracie and Lily were at camp. We played lots of games and planned her upcoming birthday party. So, I really enjoyed spending time with just her after school every night. Gracie and Lily were so cute and did a great job at the game tonight. Kent videoed the performance but again, I'm not able to upload the videos so, hopefully, Kent can do it for me sometime soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tea Party

Abbey, Sarah, Gracie and Lily
Lily, Abbey, Sarah and Gracie

High Tea

Gracie, Abbey, Sarah, and Lily
Abbey, Gracie, Sarah and lily
Lily getting her make-up on
Gracie and Felicity
The tea party
Sarah was up for the weekend and invited the girls to high tea after church today. They were to be there at 3:00 with their favorite American Girl doll and their dress up clothes. Susan and Sarah had the party all ready complete with the fine china. The girls had smoothies, cookies, and all kinds of fun fancy little girl food. They had fun playing dolls and having their tea party.

Christmas Dresses -- FINALLY

Abbey, Gracie and Lily
The girls FINALLY got to wear their Christmas dresses today. We haven't had church since December 20th and so the girls hadn't gotten the chance to wear them. They got to wear them today and looked so cute. Abbey wasn't really "into" shopping/trying them on this year so she just picked this one to get out of the store!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gracie lost her first tooth

Gracie FINALLY lost her first tooth the other morning. She woke up with it in her mouth. So glad she didn't swallow it! Of course, she has long thought she lost a tooth a long time ago due to the gap she has between her two top teeth! But, she finally lost her bottom tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy that night. She was excited to get to school to show her friends and teacher!

Action Shots

Lily, Kent, Nate and Noah
Kent making a snowball
Dave getting ready to make a snowball
Abbey and Dave
Dave was planning his annual Christmas card and wanted a family Snowball fight for the pictures. He went home after Grandma Smith's Christmas dinner and created two forts for each team. He also hooked the trailer up to the tractor complete with a bench for the kids to take a ride on the wagon. He told the girls to bring their two snowball makers and to be ready for a snowball fight. We invited Nate, Sarah and Noah to come for the fun too! The object of the game was simple-- be ready to steal the other team's flag. Once Sarah, Nate and Noah arrived the teams were divided. Of course, Abbey, Gracie and Sarah couldn't be divided so that left Lily, Noah and Nate. Lily really enjoys playing with Noah so she didn't mind. Kent took one team and Dave took the other. I was to take pictures and Nana went inside to make the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Uncle Nick was assigned the duty of referee and Aunt Sarah is pregnant so she is pretty limited on what she can do. Uncle Clint saw that the "young" team was losing so he jumped in on their team and helped launch snowballs against the "old" team. After the game was over, the kids jumped on the wagon for a ride on Dave's make-shift wagon. Once the ride was over, they headed in for Nana's cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

The Two Teams

Kent, Lily, Nate and Noah
Dave, Gracie, Sarah and Abbey

I think the two teams were a little lopsided but they had fun nonetheless. (Abbey, Gracie and Sarah wouldn't be split up)!!!

Snowball fight '09 -- Abbey

Nate, Abbey and Dave. Abbey is ready to steal their flag!!!
Sarah, Gracie an Abbey

Gracie Snowball fight '09

Gracie getting their fort ready
Dave, Gracie, Sara, and Abbey preparing for battle
Sarah, Gracie and Abbey getting ready to begin the snowball fight

Snowball Fight '09 - Lily

Lily wanting to go inside after a long, hard snowball fight
Lily and Nate making a fort
Lily's idea of a Snow Angel.
Lily playing in the snow